Construction on West Main Road Started Today

Due to reconstruction of West Main, trails marked in red have no access back to downtown from April 30, 2018 through September 2018. Please seek alternate routes. Thank you! Questions: 406-442-0490

The good news: West Main from Carriage Lane to the Oro Fino Gulch/Grizzly Gulch “Y” will be getting a much needed face-lift this summer.

The not as good news: Travel via foot and bicycle from some of the areas of the trail system back to downtown Helena will be more challenging. This year we will have a different type of adventurous trail season – bare with us!

Construction is set to start April 30 with a Pilot Car in place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The wait will be up to 25 minutes and pedestrians and bicyclists will need to ride in the pilot car as no foot or bicycle traffic will be allowed in the construction zone during operating hours. Outside of construction hours and on Sundays there will be a traffic signal set up. In the near future, this construction zone will be blocked entirely to hikers, bikers and vehicles.

During the construction it is perfectly acceptable to use your favorite trails out on Grizzly Gulch and Oro Fino if you are willing to wait for the pilot car. If not we have made a couple recommendations to try out on our interactive Digital Trail Map.

Bike Helena’s trail rider will still be making runs to the Mt. Helena Ridge trailhead this year and bicyclists may still descend E-Trail or Show-Me-The-Horse as normal, just be prepared with alternate plans to get back to town or plan to wait for the pilot car.

The most important part of this construction: remain courteous and patient–on the trail and at the construction site–navigating these areas with a smile goes a long way to keeping our trails happy.

Questions or concerns regarding the construction can be directed to: Helena Sand & Gravel 459-2003

Also check out the Helena Sand & Gravel website or facebook page for information.