PPLT Lesson Plans

Prickly Pear Land Trust’s education program has been working to engage local high school classes in outdoor education since Spring 2019. Through the use of the 8 lesson plans presented below, classes are led by trained volunteers in activities and lessons to connect them with local landscapes. While the lessons are developed for ages 14-18 in a group setting, all of the educational material presented below are accessible for at-home or private use, and the information within can be used with a younger (or older!) audience. Keep an eye out for the section labeled “Non-Classroom Activities” for some ideas on how to build off the information presented in the lesson plan in a non-group setting or to a younger audience. Have fun!

Conservation Easement Lesson Plan

Stream Restoration Lesson Plan

Stream Health Lesson Plan

Native History Lesson Plan

Invasive Species Lesson Plan

Hydro-power Lesson Plan

Habitat Loss Lesson Plan

Aquaponics Lesson Plan