Cactus Club Kids

A Q&A with two Helena kids that give a portion of their weekly allowance to PPLT's monthly giving program, Cactus Club.

Aidan, and Declan Van Wyk, get a $6 per week allowance from their parents. But there’s a catch! At least $1 per week has to be donated to a cause of their choice. After attending a fun Prickly Pear gathering and hearing Mary Hollow and other friends speak about how important the community’s support is to PPLT, Aidan and Declan wanted to become Cactus Club members and each give $5 per month to support PPLT. As some of our youngest sustaining supporters, we wanted to hear more from the boys and their experiences.

Do you have any advice for people who are using the trails system for the first time?

Declan: Start out easy like nob hill or around the folf course.

Aidan: Use a map and don’t be afraid to try a different sport on the trail, like running, hiking or even biking.

Who decides where to go? Who has the map?

Declan: No map!

Aidan: We don’t use a map. Mom always decides, even if we veto it!

Is there something you always bring with you when you’re hiking?

Declan: My hydration pack, it holds everything.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on the trails?

Aidan: Sasquatch! We found him twice this summer.

Declan: Two snakes and an owl.

Why do you think getting outside is important?

Declan: So you don’t get a heart attack. So you can be healthy.

Why did you choose to help Prickly Pear?

Aidan: To help keep the trails updated and help keep public access.

Declan: I wanted to help keep the trees healthy.

Their mother, Kim, reported that the boys even kicked in an extra dollar a month, even though they didn’t have to. PPLT is so delighted to have the help, Aidan and Declan, but we’re even more pumped to know that your adventures on the trails are just beginning.

There is no monthly gift that is too small and no monthly supporter that is too young. Joining Cactus Club, PPLT’s monthly giving program, is the easiest way to maintain your membership. It provides a steady flow of support for PPLT’s conservation efforts and reduces fundraising expenses, meaning we can dedicate more energy to conservation and recreation efforts in this community. Thank you to all of our monthly supporters!