Tenmile Partnership Makes for an Improved Park

Spring Meadow Lake State Park has expanded their management to include some of our day-to-day operations at Tenmile Creek Park.

Prickly Pear Land Trust is hitting its stride at Tenmile Creek Park. Folks from all walks and rolls of life have been out at the park since it officially opened last summer. Whether using the park for a lunch break, taking the dog out for a spin on the upper loop, or as an accessible spot to enjoy the babbling creek and views of Mt. Helena–there’s something for everyone. But with the help of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, we are doing more!

When we took on the Tenmile project, PPLT set its sights on getting everyone outside by providing the amenities necessary to make the park a fun, safe, and comfortable outdoor space. The park now boasts flat, universally accessible trails, a parking area, a toilet, picnic pads and tables, and a stellar bridge across the creek. All of this comes at a cost, but thanks to our partners and the generosity of the individuals in this community, we accomplished that mission quickly.

We were excited, then, when Spring Meadow Lake State Park agreed to help us with our management of the park. This summer, FWP Parks division will be expanding their Spring Meadow Lake State Park management to include litter pick-up and garbage disposal, mutt-mitt restocking, and bathroom maintenance at Tenmile Creek Park. FWP employees are also helping by doing what they do best, being a smiling presence on the ground. These extra pairs of eyes and hands at the park have helped us to pursue some of the other improvements on our bucket list. We have already rebuilt the trails damaged by last year’s floods, moving the new trail closer to the creek, but higher up on a berm. We’ll also be improving the experience by continuing a vigorous weed treatment program and bringing more student groups to the park.

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