Sunshine on the trails makes Snails happy

Join us on Saturday and avoid the FOMO!

The Happy Snails celebrated the spring equinox with a slow run! About 12 runners/walkers absorbed the sun’s rays and enjoyed the gentle breeze along our 4- to 5-mile route. The trail conditions were variable with some post-holing, side-hilling and ice to make things exciting.

“Another great run today,” said Snail leader Martin Miller. “Everyone seemed enthusiastic about today’s run. Shouts of ‘We love the uphills!’ were heard echoing up the gulches!”

(This Snail heard no such thing, although sweat and heavy breathing could have blocked my hearing.)

The Snails will meet again on Saturday at the Old Shooting Range Trailhead at 9 a.m.

“If anyone can’t be there Saturday, I know the FOMO will be devastating,” said Martin.

(In case you aren’t familiar with the term FOMO, as I wasn’t, it’s an acronym for Fear of Missing Out.)

Map and profile of the March 20 run are below. Note: The group split up about three-quarters of the way though the run at the T.R. and Pinchot trail intersection. One group headed up Pinchot to Rent Money, the other continued down T.R. back to the parking area. The map and profile reflect the Pinchot/Rent Money additions.