See Snails Run!

See Snails Run Slow.

We don’t care how slow we go. We are just running to have fun and get outside and visit with our fellow Snails.

This week we had 12 runners participate in the Happy Snails slow running club. A couple new runners joined this week, and we hope to have even more new Snails as the weather warms and the snow melts.

The loop we ran, which included Entertainment, Archery Range, Easy Rider and Pail Rider trails, was 3.55 miles long with 535 feet of vertical ascent.

Snail leader Martin had this to say about the run:

“It was a really pretty day out there. I think it’s encouraging how many times I heard, ‘We LOVE uphills!!!,’ out there. Haha!”

(This blogger did not hear a single Snail say those words.)

Join us next Tuesday at noon at the Old Shooting Range Trailhead. There will also be a Happy Snails run this Saturday, March 10, at 9 a.m. – meet at the Old Shooting Range Trailhead.

See Snails Run!