Two decades ago, the community of Helena banded together and formed Prickly Pear Land Trust to create and protect Mt. Ascension Natural Park. PPLT has stayed true to its roots and today is a creative conservation organization whose guiding principle is to “connect land and people.” We work to reach this goal by focusing on three key areas: Trails, Lands, and Community Conservation.

PPLT coordinates with public and private landowners in Helena’s South Hills and beyond to create a cohesive, streamlined, and sustainable trails system. On a run, hike or ride in the South Hills, you cross lands owned by the Forest Service, City of Helena, Bureau of Land Management and private citizens, but never leave a PPLT-influenced trail.

Through conservation easements and the occasional purchase, PPLT’s lands program works with area landowners to guarantee vital open space and habitat are protected against subdivision and development. We make conservation a viable financial option.

With Community Conservation, PPLT seeks to get the entire community involved and outside – regardless of age or ability. Delivering services and amenities, like at our Tenmile Creek Park, to underserved segments of the community is the key to this.

Conservation is in all of us, so we are all in on conservation.

Give Time

We’d love your help!

Trail work days, events and committees – these are just some of the ways to give your time to PPLT. If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the project.

Give Money

You make our work possible!

From membership to sponsorship, there are so many ways to offer financial support to PPLT. Check out many levels of giving available.

Stay Informed

Build Connections!

Participate in an event! Read a newsletter! Find out about trail work days! Get your tickets for Harvest Moon! Plan for the next Don’t Fence Me In Trail Run!