Experience the Aftershock

Check out the newest trail in the South Hills system

There is a new addition to the Mount Ascension landscape that is giving hikers, runners, bikers and dogs alike big single-track smiles. After a long summer of construction, Aftershock Trail, named after the earthquake that shook construction crews out of bed this summer, is finally open to the public. The 1.1-mile long contour-style trail is a nice, easy climb for those that do not want to go all the way up the 2006 switchbacks and provides a contrast to the steep Entertainment Trail. Along the way, you will see interesting rock outcrops, mature and young forest stands, and beautiful views of Rodney Ridge. On the south end, the City of Helena is working with a contractor to build a 40-foot long bridge over a gully that makes for a seamless transition between Aftershock and Entertainment trails.

Many hands got dirty building of this trail. Initially planned and designed by City of Helena Open Lands and PPLT, the trail was constructed by PPLT staff, Helena Open Lands crews, Montana Conservation Corps crews and numerous volunteers. This trail is yet another example in the South Hills of trail users and stakeholders coming together to make our trail system even better. If the enthusiasm that went into building this trail is any indication, the South Hills will be in great shape for years to come.

Aftershock Trail

Length: 1.15 miles

Rock Retaining Walls: 8

Number of people who helped build it: 107

Number of Volunteer Hours: 397

Tools Broken: 2