Cold feet, warm hearts!

Cold temps don't slow down the Snails; we are slow anyway.

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fast (we are snails after all), but it was certainly pretty! The Happy Snails slow running club logged 3.74 miles — our longest distance yet — yesterday on a loop incorporating Rodney Ridge, Don’t Fence Me In, Waterline and T.R. trails. The temperature was a bit cold, but that only fired up the Snail spirit.

“It was another tough run in less-than-ideal conditions,” said Snail leader Martin Miller. “We’ve been consistently building up the distance.”

Don’t let that intimidate you, however, if you’re thinking of joining the Snails. We each run/walk at our own pace.

“What I love about the Snails and running in a group is that it gives you a good excuse to get outside and then keeps you going even if you start getting tired,” said Evan Kulesa, a Happy Snail.

Join us next Tuesday at noon at the Old Shooting Range Trailhead.