2018 DFMI Success!

Another great year of the 18th annual Don't Fence Me In Trail Run 30K, 12K, 5K and 5K Dog-Walk!

How is it that no matter the forecast we still get sunny skies for the annual Don’t Fence Me In Trail Run? We’re still scratching our heads, but are beyond grateful for the best race that Prickly Pear Land Trust has yet seen! Nearly 1,000 participants, including over 200 30K runners and over 100 dogs, headed for the hills on May 12 on behalf of trails and open space. Community is at the core of DFMI, and PPLT owes a HUGE shout-out to those who made it possible.

The tireless efforts of the DFMI volunteer planning committee, the help of over 100 race-day volunteers and the dedication of the participants who laced up their sneakers for a cause they believe in made this fundraising trail run the most successful to date. But there’s always next year…

Here’s to the DFMI overall race winners!

More results can be found on Competitive Timing’s website.

We extend a huge thank you to our Trail Run Fundraising Winners!

First Place Fundraising TEAM: $2,574 raised by 30K runners, Malcolm Gilbert and Jake Brodsky

“We use the 75+ miles of South Hills trails on foot, skis, and mountain bike nearly every day. We think it’s paramount that everyone has the option to do the same, and we DO have that option because PPLT has our backs! We’re lucky to have such a strong group to promote active, healthy living, and to make sure our community continues to grow in sustainable and healthy ways” -Malcolm Gilbert

“Being able to run and hike on these trails has been one of the healthiest things for me these last two years, often my best escape – We are so incredibly lucky to live in a place where the community so highly values and supports access to good trails!” – Jake Brodsky

First Place Fundraising INDIVIDUAL: $2,165 raised by 5K runner, Aven Baker

Aven has been a major fundraiser for the Don’t Fence Me In Trail Run since the year she was born. For several of those years, Aven was our top fundraiser! Thank you to everyone who has continued to support Aven and has shown her how big of a difference she can make! “I like the land trust because it makes more trails and open space. Thank you for supporting the land trust so there are still trails for your great-great-great grandchildren to walk on.” – Aven

Special thanks to ALL of our fundraisers who raised a total of $9,404 this year:

Aven Baker, Malcolm Gilbert, Sarah Jaeger, Jake Brodsky, Nikki Odegard, Metta Gilbert, Kristin Drees, Andrew Rivers, Allen Byrd, Baby Josephine Fernandes, McKenzie Homan, Alayna White, Nate Kopp, Evan Kulesa, Alex Street, Clare Clum,Jane Forman, and Jodi Mattson.

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