Centennial Trail

Centennial Trail Preliminary ModelThe Centennial Trail is an ongoing trail project that will build a trail extending from Spring Meadow State Park on the west side to the East Helena bicycle path on the east. This approximately five-mile-long trail will provide an important travel option for commuters and recreationalists to use when travelling east-bound or west-bound through Helena. The trail will also utilize the newly completed Centennial Park as a mid-point destination and thus the Centennial Trail will be a valuable and safe travel route for people heading to or from the park.

The maps below (click maps for enlarged view) show the preliminary route for the Centennial Trail, including some of the sections that have already been constructed.

Helena Centennial Trail EastHelena Centennial Trail WestThe Friends of Centennial Trail are selling brick pavers as a fundraiser for the Centennial Trail. Download an order form and donate one or more bricks to help build the trail. Bricks may be inscribed with your name, the name of a business or organization, or the name of someone you wish to honor. Again, proceeds will be used to complete Helena’s Centennial Trail.

These personalized brick pavers will be placed at a meeting spot along the trail in Centennial Park. This meeting spot will feature a place to sit, get a drink of water, and read a kiosk containing maps of the trail and announcements. Through buying a personalized brick paver, you are not only leaving your mark along the trail, you are helping to get it built.