We recently developed the Adopt-A-Trail program to enable a broad network of dedicated trail volunteers to perform basic trail maintenance tasks and provide ongoing trail condition monitoring. Our intention is that long-term trail monitoring will reward the trail volunteers with an increased sense of ownership and appreciation for the trails. For Prickly Pear Land Trust and local land management agencies, the information collected by Adopt-A-Trail volunteers will provide consistent tracking of trail conditions, maintenance needs and other trail concerns.

Program Goals

  • To encourage public interest in trail systems through increased trail use
  • To provide routine cleaning and maintenance of trails
  • To proactively identify potential trail issues such as erosion, encroaching vegetation and unofficial trail construction
  • To help focus trail management resources on new trail development and major trail maintenance projects

How it works

Adopt-A-Trail volunteers should walk the adopted trail at least twice per year (preferably spring and summer/fall) to perform trail cleanup and record basic trail conditions. Trail cleanup responsibilities include removing litter and small debris from the trail corridor and trimming branches or shrubs that extend into the trail. Other responsibilities include recording the extent of noxious weeds along the trails, noting areas of trail erosion, and other observations that could influence trail sustainability. These tasks can be completed at the adoptee’s leisure, but should be done at least twice per year.

If you are interested, please contact Robert Rasmussen, PPLT trails director.